July 5, 2017



Harrisburg Days friends,


Thank you for an amazing 2017 event! We appreciate each of you attending and supporting our events over the years.


First, I want to squash any rumors regarding Harrisburg Days ending. The foundation is working together with the city to transition the coordination of the 2018 event over to city staff. Harrisburg Days will continue and we hope you will support the city and its staff as you have done for the foundation the last 9 years!


It is crazy to think the event is 9 years old already. It has been an amazing and crazy run. As president of the foundation, I have to say thank you to a few people publicly. Thank you to the founding members of Harrisburg Days. Josh & Lori Sisson, Ashley Mayland, Robert Potter, Chad Allison, Kim Reiners, Tim Rhode, Dale Kiebach Jay Ugofsky, Julie Burke-Van Luvanee, Angie Kuiper and myself. Without these people, there would be no Harrisburg Days! Past board members, Scott Wick, Jessica Potter, Toby Huizenga. Current board members, Jeannie Thurston, John Sutton, Tom Norstrom, Eric Hardy and Tami Harms. All of these people have given hundreds of hours to make this event what it is today. We have nearly drowned from rain, and melted form heat, but never gave up on the vision of making Harrisburg a better place for all of to live!


Additionally, thank you to the many committee chairs who have given countless hours of service. A huge thank you to the city and its staff! You have supported us, and the event in so many ways!


To the hundreds of volunteers that helped us when we needed it the most, thank you! To the thousands of people who attended an event thank you! Some of you even body surfed in the mud to get there!


Finally, even though the Harrisburg Days Foundation may be going away we will re-emerge as a new organization with new goals. Stay tuned as we announce our new and exciting vision soon!


As president, I can't find the words to express my heartfelt thanks! So, until we see you again, thank you!


Collin Mckenzie


President, Harrisburg Days Foundation

(C) 2017 Harrisburg Days Foundation